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Green lamb tripe is rich in nutrients and minerals and has many health benefits for both cats and dogs. The term ‘green’ added to the name indicates that the tripe has not been artificially processed or bleached. It’s completely natural and free from any synthetic additives.

Many dog owners consider green tripe to be a superfood for dogs, especially those who feed their dog a raw food diet. This is because green tripe contains essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes, and protein, among other nutrients. 

Helps to build healthy muscles, soothe irritations in the gastrointestinal tract, promotes healthy digestion and boosts the dog’s immune system.

Free from fillers, additives and preservatives.

Comes in a handy 500 gram frozen pack, depending on the size of your dog, 1-4 portions per pack.

Try mixing a 50/50 with their dog biscuit.


Our raw food is only available for delivery to the North Island ( excluding rural ).

Will be shipped out Monday-Thursday.

We recommend ordering raw and dry foods separately.

Minced Green Lamb Tripe

500 Grams

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